What is prayer?

So what is prayer? Prayer is not an emotional release or an escape route. It is much more than just asking God for a favor. And it is most definitely not a religious exercise. God responds to faith, so just repetition and beautiful words does not get His attention. Your aim in prayer is to be effective. Effective praying is the key to success in every area of life.

Prayer is an attitude. It’s communicating and fellowshipping with God. You can live in an attitude of prayer every moment, being in constant contact with Him. You may be thinking, but I can’t spend all my time in prayer! Yes, you can! We can pray when we get up in the morning, pray while you are bathing and getting dressed, pray while you are doing things around your house, pray while you are driving, and the list goes on. You don’t have to verbally pray. God hears your heart and thoughts. The main thing is to be sincere.

To really honor God, we must pray what He has already declared to be His will. The Holy Bible is His will. He has made some very specific promises in it. And it’s His will to fulfill every one of them. We need to grab our Bibles and find out what the will of God is.